Custom simulations

The SMSC Project and Development Departement offers solutions to a broad specter of challenging tasks, in the maritime and offshore business sector. Many of these projects involves use of the own produced stat-of-the-art real-time ship or crane simulator.

Typical projects are:

  • Conceptual studies and risk analysis in offshore loading
  • Harbor development studies
  • Pre-simulation of operations in challenging waters
  • Test and verification of DP oil field design

  • Effect of various thrusters and rudder types on vessel maneuverability
  • Vessel and crane modeling for simulation purposes
  • Pre-simulation of challenging lifts and testing of operational procedures both in offshore and subsea crane operations (incl. different types of heave compensation systems)
  • Accident investigation and reconstruction.
  • Numerical simulations related to Ice forces acting during marine operations in Ice infested waters

The SMSC Project and Development department consists of experienced project managers with background from maritime and offshore operations and simulator software programmers. In cooperation with our very experienced master mariners and crane operation instructors, we all make sure that human element issues also are attended to our client’s benefits.

Over the recent years, SMSC has initiated and played a major role in various research projects related to activities in Nordic areas. The projects have had a wide range of industrial and international participation.

SMSC has since the 1980’s gained extensive experience in utilizing our technology for harbour and fairway development. We advice our clients regarding construction of new harbours and fairways with respect to geography, position of jetties according to weather window and placement of navigational aids such as lights and seamarks.

In addition to offering generic crane courses, SMSC also facilitate custom projects for lifting operations. This may include pre-simulation, procedures development and training courses on specific high-risk lifting operations. To assist our clients, SMSC have a skilled technical staff with experience both in mathematical and visual modeling, combined with personnel with extensive experience from marine lifting operations.

Mathematical Ship Modelling

SMSC has extensive experience in custom modeling of simulator ships and simulator cranes. The ship modeling is always based on full-scale tests or model tests from a test basin. All ship models at SMSC are modelled to behave like real named ships, and most of the models have been tested by a captain from the actual vessel. The ship models are made by SMSC hydrodynamic experts and special effects may be developed in cooperation with institutes or industry companies.

Ship Modelling & Simulation Centre (SMSC) has developed a comprehensive development and verification package for offshore loading. The package is purpose made for direct offshore loading, i.e. from fixed moored FPSO and includes development of the operation method. 

Direct shuttle loading is new to the Norwegian sector and the solution has been presented and accepted by the Norwegian petroleum authorities and various field operators.



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