Resource Management training

Weakness in bridge organization is the main reason for grounding. Safe navigation requires effective command, control, communication and management. Participation in a Resource Management Course is recommended in order to foster positive attitudes, favoring good personal communication, excellence in leadership skills and compliance with operating procedures.


The Bridge Resource Management/Engineroom Resource Management (BRM/ERM) course is designed to enable all maritime personnel on/off shore to develop their existing knowledge and understanding of human and technical resources in an operational maritime environment.

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The Bridge Resource Management/Engineroom Resource Management (BRM/ERM) Add-on to Maritime Crew Resource Management (MCRM) course is designed to fill the gap between the MCRM curriculum and the requirements for BRM/ERM training according to STCW 2010 Manila amendments.

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A major factor in accidents and incidents is human error, where the main elements are lack of situational awareness, lack of
comprehension and fatigue.



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