SMSC offer advanced simulation-based training that closely resembles the real life experience.

Our flexible and up-to-date training facilities benefit from the fact that we have our own technical department.
Regular training in a realistic full mission bridge simulator, supported by highly qualified instructors, has a positive contribution to:

  •  Strengthening “the human factor”
  •  Better knowledge of ships’ and own behaviour in critical - and highly skill demanding situations
  •  Decreasing number of accidents
  •  Decreasing insurance costs
  •  Quality assurance
  •  Competitiveness

SMSC is firmly rooted in the Norwegian shipping community with the implied commitment to quality and expertise. More than 9000 masters, mates and pilots from more than 150 shipping companies worldwide are already good ambassadors for SMSC.



Phone number: +47 73 56 14 00

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