About KM Training Grilstad

KM Training Grilstad (formerly Ship Modelling & Simulation Centre AS (SMSC)) utilize state-of-the-art simulators and competence to provide maritime courses and simulation of marine operations. KM Training Grilstad participate in relevant projects in order to develop customized solutions that may be the foundation for new training courses.

World-class maritime competence

The KM Training Grilstad headquarters are located in Trondheim, Norway. Our permanent staff of highly qualified engineers, together with our senior master mariners, DPOs and crane operators, constitute a unique blend of theoretical and practical experience. SMSC has since the company was established in 1980, developed world-class competence in producing realistic mathematical models for use in pre-simulations of highly demanding or high-risk maritime operations such as:

  • Shuttle tanker procedures, positioning strategies and training
  • Ship to Ship lightering (STS) procedures and training
  • Offshore crane- & lifting operations and training
  • PSV operations

KM Training Grilstad also offer consultancy services typically related to offshore loading, crane and lifting operations, arctic marine operations, harbor development studies, waterway evaluations and FPSOs.

Avoid costly mistakes at sea - invest in knowledge and competence.

Real skills come with real practice!

A training program should make you forget that you are training. At KM Training Grilstad, this is achieved by only using instructors with relevant, hands-on experience, and high-quality simulators with a "closer to reality" experience.

"Cougar Ace". Creator: Steve Hillebrand. Publisher: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

In recent years there has been a steady increase in accidents and incidents in the maritime sector. Groundings and collisions with fixed objects in confined waters due to high speed or lack of manoeuvring skills have increased significantly. Collisions with other ships or with offshore installations, onboard fires and environmental incidents are also increasing. What is the human factor in such incidents?

Andor & Nils on SMSC Midtgard bridge

A closer look at the course facilities at SMSC:

SMSC holds the position as an inovative provider of quality services. We are always looking for people who can identify with our goals and contribute to making us even better.

Hand on map

Quality and improvement are main prerequisites for profitable operations, satisfied customers and satisfied employees. Therefore, this has high priority at Ship Modelling & Simulation Centre AS (SMSC).


E-mail: km.sales.smsc@km.kongsberg.com

Phone number: +47 73 56 14 00

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